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  • We aren’t your average food brand. Rich in nutrition and affordable in terms of price, we are The Fit Flour you’ve been looking for!

    • 29% protein
    • 45% Dietary Fibre 
    • Low GI 

    Introducing you to complete nutrition package!


India consumes 7 billion litres of beer

Our journey started with one question – if barley makes beer, we drink the liquid but where does the solid go?

Breweries produce billions of tonnes of spent grain each year and this is highly nutritious. So, we began to process this ingredient from breweries and create Mr.Brewise, a first-of-its-kind upcycled food ingredient loaded with fiber, protein and having extremely low GI.

High In Protein

29% protein
A form of plant protein for all the conscious eaters

High Fibre

With Dietary fiber of 40-45%, this flour is great for your gut.

Low In Gluten

Since all sugars get extracted in the beer making process, our flour is the most affordable diabetic friendly option in the market


add a pinch of protein in every meal but don't want to alter the taste?

Every 100 gms of the product offers 29gm protein and 12-14 gms of fibre.

25-30% protein

I am loaded with 25-30% protein, rivalling almond flour and all the others at a fraction of their price.

Environmentally Friendly

By incorporating spent grain flour into recipes, consumers contribute to a more eco-friendly food system.

0.1% Gluten

For those sensitive to gluten, spent grain flour can be used as a partial substitute, making recipes more accessible to gluten-intolerant individuals

Wholesale products

add a pinch of protein in every meal

Packed with essential nutrients, dietary fiber, and a distinctive nutty flavor, spent grain flour elevates recipes, from homemade bread to delightful cookies, while contributing to a healthier and more flavorful dining experience.

spent grain BENEFITS

Good taste, good PROTEIN, good life

Embracing spent grain flour not only satisfies taste buds but also fosters a deeper connection to a greener, more sustainable food ecosystem.

Plant Protein 29%
Plant Protein 5%
Plant Protein 45%

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3.4x more dietary fiber than whole wheat flour, prebiotics to support healthy digestion, and as much protein as almond flour with a versatile flavor and function.


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It is rich in dietary fiber, which aids digestion, promotes a feeling of fullness, and supports a healthy gut.


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See what our customers say about our spent grains and other products

"Spent grain flour has revolutionized my baking experience. Its high fiber content and nutrient-rich profile make me feel good about what I'm putting into my body. The flour's moisture retention properties have resulted in the softest, most delightful muffins and pancakes I've ever made.
Seema Sharma
Local Bakery Owner
It's incredible how such a sustainable byproduct can create such incredible culinary wonders! I'm now an advocate for spent grain flour and urge everyone to give it a try – you won't be disappointed! I highly recommend spent grain flour to anyone looking for a nutritious alternative in their recipes!"
Shreya Motwani
Food Manufacturer